MTECH Tactical Dagger Full Review (With Pictures)

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I purchased the MTECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger a good while ago, and after using it for a bit, I thought I’d write a review on it. As you know, there are a ton of pocket knives on the market today. Ranging from cheap $5 knives to more expensive knives costing $200+.

But does the price actually matter? The MTECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger retails close to $10 on Amazon. (View the current price.) But is it worth the money?

The MTECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger is a fairly good knife for the price. It has a somewhat sturdy metal design and actually has some weight to it. However, the blade is poor quality and the screws holding the knife together easily come loose.

Is MTECH a Good Knife Brand

MTECH is a cheaper knife brand compared to other premium knife brands on the market. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one. While other knives on the market can easily reach $150-$20, a bulk of MTECH knives can be found well under $20.

Examples of other MTECH knives under $20:

The MTECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger has a few PROS and CONS:


  • MTECH is an inexpensive option if you’re not wanting to spend a ton of money on a knife.
  • An MTECH knife can be a good option if you’re purchasing your kid’s first knife. You won’t risk losing $150 if the knife breaks.
  • Since MTECH knives don’t cost that much, they can make for good stocking stuffers during Christmas.


  • If you rely on your knife and use it daily, an MTECH knife won’t be a good option because of their cheaper quality.
  • Since the blade quality of MTECH knives is not the best, they struggle to keep a good edge. This can be both frustrating and dangerous.
  • If you’re sentimental about your knives, an MTECH knife probably won’t last if you want to hand it down.

So, the MTECH knife is definitely not a high-quality knife brand, so if you’re someone who is looking for a solid knife that will last, I’d recommend staying clear from MTECH knives.

However, if you’re just looking for a cheap knife to get you by, then you can’t really go wrong with purchasing an MTECH knife. While they are cheap, they’ll definitely get the job done in a pinch and MTECH is really good and designing their knives to look AMAZING!

The Design

While the quality of MTECH knives is not the best, they do look cool, especially the MTECH Tactical Dagger. In fact, the MTECH Tactical Dagger doesn’t even look like a cheap knife, it actually looks surprisingly real and authentic.

As you can see, the MTECH Tactical Dagger looks amazing! And in fact, it feels good in your hand despite the cheaper quality.

Also, another cool feature that I like about the MTECH Tactical Dagger is the glass breaker at the end of the handle. It can be useful at times and since this knife is being advertised as a “Tactical” knife, then it really wouldn’t be complete without it.

I also like the designs on the handle. Not only does it make it look a lot cooler, but it also helps with the grip as well. Another thing I like about the handle is the lack of paint or colored coating on the outside. The MTECH Tactical Dagger is straight metal, with no paint coloring the outside. This enhances the look of the knife and also doesn’t show scratches and nicks as easily as other knives.

The only downside to having a metal handle is when you’re using it in a cold environment. It can easily chill your hands faster than knives with plastic, carbon fiber, or wooden handles.

The Quality

While the MTECH Tactical Dagger is considered a cheap knife, I was actually surprised by the quality. It felt heavy in your hand and it actually didn’t feel like a cheap knife when holding it.

However, I did start noticing where the quality was lacking in the knife when I started to use it more. The first thing I noticed was the blade. The blade was obviously made out of a cheaper metal because it didn’t cut as well as other knives and had a hard time keeping an edge. Now, one could argue that this is to be expected out of a knife that wasn’t designed to be a whittling knife, because it is advertised as a dagger, however just know that while the blade is sturdy and does have some flexibility to it, it’s not the best quality blade out there.

The next place where this knife lacks quality is the screws. While using the knife, the screws actually started working themselves out on their own. So, if you do decide to pick up the MTECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger, then I would suggest purchasing some lock tight and applying it to the screws before you start using the knife.

In addition to applying the lock tight to the screws, I would unscrew the glass breaker as well and apply it there as well. I did have problems where the glass breaker was wanting to unscrew and I had to keep screwing it tight.

Other than these few things, I was actually impressed with the MTECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger. It felt heavy, was really satisfying to open, and looked cool.

And since it only costs around $8, you can’t really go wrong buying one if you want to try it.

Is the MTECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger a Good Throwing Knife

This knife is definitely not a throwing knife. In fact, this is what destroyed the knife during my testing. The tip of the blade started to bend, and that’s when the screws started to come out, making the knife loose and also making the blade start to wiggle back and forth. If you’re looking for a cheap throwing knife, check these out here for close to $14.

Is the MTECH Tactical Dagger a Good Carving Knife

I went over this a little bit above, but the MTECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger is not the ideal whittling knife. In fact, I found whittling on this knife to be frustrating and tiresome from the lack of blade quality. If you’re looking for a cheap whittling knife, I’d suggest checking this one out on Amazon.

The MTECH Tactical Dagger as an Everyday Carry Knife

If you’re looking to carry around a knife that will get you out of any situation, then I wouldn’t suggest purchasing this knife. On the other hand, if you’re just wanting a cheap knife that looks cool and that will perform somewhat well, then I don’t see how you can go wrong with this knife.

Final Thoughts

The MTECH Tactical Stonewashed Dagger compared to premium knives has a lot to be desired, however, it’s definitely a cool looking knife that costs less than $10. While it’s not the best knife on the market, it’s can definitely get the job done.

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