Nalgene Warranty Guide: 3 Simple Steps to Getting a Replacement Bottle (With Pictures)

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You’ve had your Nalgene water bottle for years now, but because of some unfortunate accident, it’s now broken. But don’t worry, in this article I’m going to be giving you the complete guide on how to get your trusty Nalgene bottle replaced by Nalgene in just 3 simple steps! Be sure to follow the steps closely in this article, because Nalgene doesn’t make it clear on their website on how to go about getting a replacement, so that’s what this article is for!

Now before we get into how to get a replacement Nalgene water bottle, I’m not 100% guaranteeing that Nalgene will give you a replacement since they ultimately hold the right to determine whether or not a replacement is necessary. But I will give you the exact steps you need to take in order to make getting a replacement a lot easier.

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STEP 1 – Navigate to Nalgene’s Contact / Customer Service page on their website.

First, you’re going to want to go to this page on Nalgene’s website. This will take you to their Contact / Customer Service page. It should look familiar with the picture below:

STEP 2 – Select the location of your country.

You need to click or tap the drop-down option below where it says, “I’m contacting Nalgene regarding: (required)“. Then you want to select the option based on your country’s location. If you’re outside of the U.S. or Canada, then you’ll need to select the International option. Whichever option you select, make sure it says, Replacements, after the location. It should look like this:

U.S. / Canada Warranty / Replacements


International Warranty / Replacements

Refer to the picture below.

STEP 3 – Fill out the extensive, yet simple warranty form.

Once you’ve selected the warranty option based on your country’s location, you’ll have an extensive, yet simple form to fill out. You’ll need to start by filling out basic info such as your first name, last name, email, phone number, and order number. If you don’t have an order number, don’t worry, that field is not required.

Once you’ve entered your basic contact info, you’ll then have to upload a photo of your damaged Nalgene water bottle. This can just be a photo taken from your phone. Please note that the file formats Nalgene accepts are: (.gif .png .jpg .jpeg).

To upload a photo, just click on the button that says, Choose File. From there it will open File Explorer on Windows, Finder on Mac, or your photo album on a smartphone. Next, all you have to do is navigate on your computer, or smartphone, to where you stored the photo of your damaged water bottle, then click open.

Once you’re done uploading your photo, you’ll have to select from another dropdown on the bottle style that you have. For example, if your damaged water bottle is a 32oz wide mouth bottle, then you’ll select that option from the dropdown.

After selecting your water bottle’s type, you then have to enter your water bottle’s color. After that, all you have to do is fill out your full address, give a brief description of what happened to your Nalgene product, and then click or tap the submit button at the bottom of the form.

Once you complete this form, Nalgene will contact you regarding your warranty request! It’s that simple.

In fact, here is what Sutitan on Reddit had to say about his experience with replacing his damaged water bottle:

Just wanted to give Nalgene some praise for their customer service and how they warranty their bottles. Typically their bottles are incredible durable. Ive dropped them over 50 feet onto rocks/hard ground and had them survive. This past time, It only dropped about 20 feet onto jagged rocks, but it was incredibly cold (well below freezing) so I imagine the plastic doesn’t flex as much. The bottle shattered into a few pieces. On Nalgenes contact page, they have a menu for replacements which takes you to a simple form where you enter in some really basic info and upload a photo. A few hours later I get an email from them notifying that they’ll be sending me a new bottle in the mail free of charge.
I know a lot of times dealing with these warranties mean digging up incredibly old receipts, returning the broken item, and paying for return shipping. Nalgenes process was almost too simple. I hope this isnt something that ends up getting taken advantage of. But it seems that if you buy one, you’ll always have one for life unless you end up losing it.

Sutitan’s Original Reddit Post

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